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Youth in 2020: Entering the Global Stage It is a scary time to be a young adult. The climate crisis changing the world, at an unprecedented scale is a reality; COVID-19 has robbed a whole generation of milestones like graduation, and college tours, and we are in the middle of the largest civil rights movement […]

We are currently living in the age of digitalization and data visualization, and the sustainability and impact universe are not exempt from this trend. Stakeholders will hold corporates, the public, and development sectors accountable; with an expectation of access to accurate and dynamic data-driven information. In today’s fast-paced, content-heavy world, stakeholders will not make time […]

June 15, 2020




Technology has allowed Impact to Scale Rapidly: The 21st century has brought us incredible digital access to data and communication tools. This access to information and rapid cross-border communication has allowed for impact work to scale at an unprecedented speed. Impact work is actions taken to produce or influence a positive result for society people […]