Advisory Services

ampUz pays special attention to service and advisory to our clients. We go beyond walking you through initial digital transformation and stay with you as a partner throughout your journey.

Every account is assigned a case manager who becomes an extension of your team helping you to grow engagement on the modules with employees, partners and all stakeholders.

The case manager periodically checks in to see if the modules are being used to their maximum potential and what news ways it can be used to dive deeper into your impact measurement.

Sustainability Strategy Development

For companies to enjoy the business benefits of their actions around sustainability/corporate social responsibility, they need to set a strategy.

The benefits on the financial bottom line will only surface if a strategy is in place with clear goals collectively agreed by internal and critical external stakeholders.

At ampUz, we transform your initiatives into a strategy to result in maximum business return and impact.

For foundations and non - profits, we helps you design initiatives and develop long - term plans where maximum impact is change with the guidance of the Theory of Change model.

Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement

Your organization does not exist in isolation. It relies on multiple interdependent relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, communities and investors, in other words, your stakeholders.

A key element of corporate governance is stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment is a key tool to achieve this.

We make sure that your materiality is robust, inclusive and creates shared value. The materiality will be data driven to ensure accuracy and integrity.

Sustainability Report Creation

The Global Reporting initiative is an international framework for sustainability reporting. Organizations- whether advanced or just beginning their sustainability strategies- could benefit from creating a sustainability report. It is an effective way to engage with your stakeholders, mitigate risks and uphold transparency. We understand some companies may not be ready to align with the GRI and therefore customize our approach to develop a report that meets their current needs.

Like all things in the digital age, shifts from a traditional paper report to digital interfaces are becoming more popular and relevant. With our expertise in technology, we are able to design and build digital reports to meet your needs.

Sustainability Report Peer Review

The peer view is a consolidated document offering recommendations, best practices, technical knowledge and highlights the current strengths & weaknesses of your sustainability reports.

SDG Assessment Scorecard

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals released in September 2015 marked a moment in history where all member states of the United Nations adopted a blue print for peace and prosperity for people and the planet guided by 17 goals and 169 targets.

With the announcement of the SDGs the private sector was targeted with a special call out to action to become engaged in the 2030 agenda with the acknowledgement that sustainable development is no longer only the responsibility of government and civil society sector.

Although open to the challenge, many companies were lost as to how to operationalize this task. Many initiatives have been launched but whether these initiatives are resulting in impact and aligned with business strategy is up for debate.

In response, we have launched the SDG tracker, which helps organizations automate data collection and SDG target tracking. This tracker gives visualization on progress to keep management and stakeholders updated.

Capacity Building

Building organisational capacity through specialised trainings across sustainability management, impact measurement and stakeholder engagement. You can download our Capacity Building menu here. We customize the workshops based on your preferred timings, depth and attendance. We can customize trainings based on timings, number of hours and attendance. We are here to meet your needs. Some trainings include:

  • The Evolution of SDG Leadership
  • Reporting on the SDGs
  • Strategic Partnership for the SDGs
  • SDG 5 – Gender Equality in the Workplace
  • SDG 11- Making Cities Inclusive and Happier
  • Responsible investment
  • Impact metrics