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Our Approach: Intuitive tools, strategic advisory, engaging data, shared value and transparency

We are entrepreneurs, data storytellers, strategists, technologists, designers, trainers, operational professionals

Founded in 2017, ampUz is an impact driven social enterprise that intersects the worlds of technology (hyper link to inner page for technology) and advisory (inner page for advisory). ampUz strives to be a worldwide reference portal for good offering advisory, technology, and knowledge. It is committed to help organizations find new ways to achieve real results against society’s toughest challenges.

Furthermore, ampUz is dedicated to the power of data in achieving the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Inspired by Global Goal 17 on Partnerships it works with the private sector, UN entities, non-profits and governments to bridge the gap between execution and measurement through data.

We are acutely aware of the limited number of days remaining to 2030 (less than 3000 at the time of writing) and have developed a technology suite of 4 modules: corporate sustainability; monitoring & evaluation; gender equality; and SDG tracker to help organizations track, measure and analyze their performance and impact data. The intent is to build a movement that will influence the democratization of technology in the impact space.

‘Impact data’ is unique to every organization based on what your intended impact outcomes are. Impact data is comprised of metrics that help you identify your quantifiable value proposition in society. Our modules are complemented with advisory services to help you identify:

  • What impact do you want to make on society?
  • How to quantify the impact you want to make?
  • What performance metrics will support this impact?
  • What impact metrics will need to be introduced and how they are different from performance?

As a team, we prioritize collaboration and empathy to work effectively with clients, partners, and community members. We combine practical advice with unconventional thinking to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

Above all else, we believe that real change is possible, that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today, and that people infused with passion, insights and knowledge can work together to transform our world.


ampUz management has 20 years of broad experience in strategy, project management, communications and technology development.

We have professional skills in capacity building, strategic planning, reporting, research and data visualization.

We possess cross-sectoral monitoring, evaluation and analysis skills for evidence-based decision making and results-based management.

Our management has been involved in large scale projects across the Middle East and South Asia with the corporate, development and government sectors.

They have a deep understanding of business priorities and societal needs and how both must intertwine for a better tomorrow.

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