Building long term value through a phased approach to holistic sustainability

  •  Strategic Development: Ampuz consultants will help companies to define their strategy in alignment
    with their impact areas and business goals. The consultant will then help to create an action plan in
    alignment with the client’s sustainability strategy. Both the strategy and action plan will be developed
    in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Materiality Assessment: Design and deliver your materiality assessment compliant with the principles
    of Global Reporting Initiative and guided by both the UN Global Compact 10 principles and the sustainable
    development goals. Develop governance structures around the materiality process and engage senior management Our consultants will work with you to define issues areas to be addressed and include it in the software if the organization utilizes it as a means of support.
  • Peer Review: Our consultants can help companies by reviewing their materiality assessment or sustainability report to highlight weaknesses and strength in strategy and operations. The consultant can provide recommendations on moving forward identifying key areas that need to be considered for improved business performance.

Empower organization through structured capacity building so organizations can independently run and grow sustainability strategy and platforms

Basic Principles of Reporting: Provide an overview of the different types of reporting and standards available to companies.
The training will offer a methodology to approaching materiality and a company’s report.

Technical training on SMACT: It will demonstrate to users and administrators the different ways in which the software can be
used and how it can help to grow the organization and its processes in the future.

Engage employees, partners, customers, public sector and society through digital and face to face communications

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Integrate customer surveys
  • Integrate work flow forms
  • Integrate employee surveys

Our experts can customize the solution to your organization’s specific needs


  • Adopt a user interface in line with corporate identity
  • Increase data approvals
  • Enhance configurations for company specific metrics

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