SMACT is an easy – to - use holistic sustainability software architected to automate data collection, create visual dashboards and track targets. It has extensive customization features to meet industry specific needs.

Real Time Visibility

Leadership demands full visibility of their company’s performance without having to go through page after page in heavy reports. SMACT gives clean snap shots of your real -time performance on every level making it easier to keep management abreast of the latest developments in their business.

Meaningful Data that Speaks to You

Companies that are annually reporting will find that the solution will create more meaning in the data that they share. It will be accurate and regularly accounted for therefore contributing to an annual report that will effectively highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Set Your Own Indicators

SMACT can accommodate an unlimited number of indicators. Popular sustainability indicators based on the Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact and the sustainable development goals have already been configured into the solution. Beyond these indicators, users can develop and input any number of indicators based on their compliance and voluntary requirements.

Get Quick Answers

Get quick answers to questions related to your people, community investment, environment, health & safety and anything else related to your nonfinancial needs. Nonfinancial factors are often overlooked and yet take a heavy toll on the bottom line.

SMACT with its user - friendly functionality gives you answers to questions quickly. Questions can range from cost reduction enjoyed through renewable energy. Has turnover increased or decreased after the introduction of bonus schemes? Is your community investment impactful? Get answers to this and much more through SMACT.

Triple Bottom Line

The solution can serve as a strategic first step in looking at what is popularly known as the ‘triple bottom line’, a way of holistically approaching organizational or even societal performance taking into consideration of costs and gains surrounding human resources, economic metrics, environmental impact and general organizational efficiency.


SMACT not just through its friendly interface but also through its prices makes this tool accessible to small and big companies. In a world where competition is cut throat and reputation and trust is everything small businesses need to position themselves as responsible. SMACT is affordable for small businesses looking to secure those large contracts. A responsible supply chain for big businesses has become priority and if you want to set yourself a part from the rest then SMACT is for you.


  • One - stop customizable dashboards for restricted users
  • Create comparison tables
  • Automated unit conversion functionalities
  • Customize visualizations with a variety of graphs, colour options and drag drop labelling.

Data Collection & Tracking

  • Indicators divided into checklists: people, environment and community
  • Users empowered to add unlimited indicators
  • Scope to cover unlimited number of sites, companies and countries
  • In built carbon calculator
  • Evaluate your data through Scope 1, 2, and 3
  • Integrated data input validation
  •  Role based user management
  • Customize as per industry requirement.
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